Hard Hits 7/25-26, Catch PUSHING BUTTONS Live Tonight

Last night, I was joined by co-hosts Dan Wheeler and John “JPG” Giagnorio for a double dip of Hard Hits. A 30-minute live sports talk show that airs on BlogTalk Radio. Hosted by Derek Felix, it works as a lightning version of the two-hour edition of Pushing Buttons that airs Friday nights from 11 to 1. Hosted off Chris Wassel’s THW Live Network, an assortment of characters include Wheeler, Giagnorio, Wassel, Brian Sanborn, Justin “JNF” Felix, Rob “Kraze” Davis, Jen “SHARXGIRL” Johnson, Chrissy Lee and George Brew of What’s Brewin’ Network.

We bring you the hot topics in sports and other random musings. Nothing is out of bounds. Join us later tonight for another entertaining segment at 11 EST/8 PST. Catch all the action below:

PUSHING BUTTONS Friday, July 26, 2013

On yesterday’s Hard Hits, among the issues covered are the potential relocation of Madison Square Garden, the ongoing saga between Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees along with the anticipated return of ex-Yankee Alfonso Soriano. Can the Mets make a run at the NL East? Plus other button pushes. Catch the replays of both shows below:

HARD HITS Thursday, July 25, 2013


HARD HITS Friday, July 26, 2013

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Hard Hits

The second part of Hard Hits had plenty of energy. The host Derek Felix was joined by sidekicks Brian Sanborn, Dan Wheeler, John “JPG” Giagnorio, Rob “Kraze” Davis and Chris Wassel. Somehow, a half an hour live portion turned into the usual monstrosity that is our show.

The Pushing Buttons cast was unplugged hitting back on topics ranging from Ryan Braun’s suspension to the circus that is A-Rod to Raul Ibanez and the Yankees’ walking wounded. Jaromir Jagr has joined the Devils and could actually improve their power play. Find out why I want him to succeed at the expense of my own team. Giagnorio contends that destinations don’t matter in the NBA. Is he right? All this plus some other interesting discoveries.





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Hard Hits Returns II: 4th Of July Bonanza

The original Hard Hits is back in time for a midnight snack. We got new shows lined up including a special 4th of July bonanza commemorating five years on BlogTalk Radio. D Flex returns with the same assortment of characters JPG, Sambone, Kraze, Dan Da Man, JNF, Wassel and whoever else is ready for prime time.

Catch us live tomorrow night at 1 AM for some late night fireworks!


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Hard Hits 1/24/13

Hard Hits airs every night at midnight for 30 minutes on Blog Talk Radio. Yours truly, Derek Felix hosts this action packed show along with the usual cast of characters who are always opinionated. No Goal Sports’ own Brian Sanborn, THW’s Chris Wassel, Dan Wheeler, Justin “JNF” FelixJohn “JPG” Giagnorio, Rob “Kraze” Davis all contribute to the fabric of our show. The clash in personas makes for entertaining radio. Just don’t take us too seriously.

Last night, I was joined by Brian, Chris and Justin. The topic was the Rangers, who earned their first win of the new NHL season over Boston. Marian Gaborik scored a hat trick, including the OT winner. For more coverage of an exciting 4-3 game at MSG, please reference our hockey blog New York Puck. You can also catch plenty of Devils from contributor Hasan and maybe some Sabres from Brian when he feels up to it.

Tonight, it should be another fun show. I’m going to discuss the Victoria Azarenka controversy during her semifinal win over American upstart Sloane Stephens. As we covered in the previous post, did the Australian Open defending champ abuse the injury timeout to recover from an apparent panic episode? Plus we’ll preview what should be a blockbuster semifinal between Roger Federer and Andy Murray with the winner taking on two-time defending champion Novak Djokovic, who blitzed No.4 David Ferrer 6-2, 6-2, 6-1. All eyes will be on Feds and Andy to see who will take on Nole.

We’ll also do some hockey with the Rangers and Islanders both taking the ice tonight. The Blueshirts aim for their second consecutive victory when they face off against traditional rival Philly. The Islanders are in Toronto to battle the Maple Leafs. Can they build on their Martin Luther King Day win over the Lightning? Brian’s Sabres also are in action versus the Candy Canes at Raleigh for a home-and-home. Will buttons be pushed?

The Knicks and Celtics do battle in Beantown. Will Carmelo Anthony keep his cool against Kevin Garnett or will Honey Nut Cheerios spill over onto the court? The second meeting promises to be intense.

Catch it all later tonight.

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Harder Hits Returns

Tonight, Harder Hits returned to the airwaves over at Blog Talk Radio. For the rest of the month, I’ll be hosting live half an hour segments from midnight to 12:30 AM here in NYC. You can catch every show over at our official Hard Hits page over on BTR. That includes all the classic episodes from our past.

Believe it or not, I’ve been doing shows off and on for nearly five years. From my time with hockey pals Joe McDonald and Gary Harding when we did the New York Hockey Report (NYHR) to Hard Hits and my regular appearances over at close friend Brian Sanborn’s No Goal Show every Friday, I’ve done my share of internet radio. And the best part is it’s all for fun amongst friends. Our show features on air personalities such as The Hockey Writer’s Chris Wassel, NFL guru Rob “Kraze” Davis, Statmastah John “JPG” Giagnorio, Dan “The Man” Wheeler, my brother Justin “JNF” Felix, Jeff BashlorColin “War” Cannaday, Nate “NAS” Sousa, Jennifer “SHARXGIRL” Johnson and George Brew of What’s Brewing.

Tonight’s Hard Hits was the first of edition of 2013. We were joined by Brian, Dan and JNF. Discussed was the controversial non-selection of any baseball player to Cooperstown due to old windbags who have nothing better to do than to boost their inflated egos by not voting anyone in. Also covered was Alabama’s BCS title win over Notre Dame with A.J. McCarron, girlfriend Katherine Webb and Brent Musberger sprinkled in. Full marks to Miss Alabama for showing class in appreciating Musberger’s high praise. There was nothing wrong with it. Also covered was the return of the NHL in our overtime segment, including the surprising firing of Brian Burke by the classless Maple Leafs because he didn’t want to acquire Roberto Luongo. That is a lousy thing to do to a good man.

We certainly got a lot done in our 45-minute show. So, won’t you please tune into our show archive and give some feedback. We’re back at it tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel. 😉

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Hard Hits: Hurricane Sandy

Most of the time, Hard Hits covers sports and other fun stuff we get to. I’m joined usually by No Goal regulars Chris Wassel, Rob “Kraze” Davis, Dan Wheeler, Justin “JNF” Felix, John “JPG” Giagnorio, Brian “Sambone” Sanborn and whoever else decides to invade our airwaves. It airs weekly at midnight every Wednesday into Thursday on the East Coast. Or 9 Pacific in Brian’s time zone.

Given the extreme circumstances following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, I was joined by Rob and Chris as we discussed the horrible tragedy and impact being felt by many in the Jersey, New York and Connecticut area. The show archive is 46 minutes with some NBA mixed in to keep it light. You can check out all our shows on my host page over at Blog Talk Radio.

For myself, it hit home on Staten Island where at last check, 19 are dead. Many have lost homes and are still without power. Yet the silly topic of the NYC Marathon is on everyone’s mind thanks to the selfishness of Mayor Bloomberg, who has put runners and an event that makes money first over families. You can’t make it up. As an avid runner fan, I can’t support such nonsense. It is an absolute joke much like the current situation here where gas is all but impossible. I waited for nothing and now am basically screwed. But it could be much worse. Just ask those suffering families who saw their homes vanish. I consider myself fortunate. We live in an elevated area of Staten Island close to the highway. Most of the South Shore has been decimated as have areas like Tottenville, Great Kills, New Dorp and South Beach, where ironically the runners will be very close to setting up. Rather than have more police and fire fighters on the streets helping our recovery, they’re going to be stationed by the Verrazano Bridge. Senseless.

In fact, no sporting events in the metro area should be taking place, including the Knicks home opener versus the Heat tomorrow along with the Giants hosting the Steelers Sunday. The devastation to streets and subways is far more urgent than any of our favorite teams. That can wait. Just don’t ask Bloomberg.

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No Goal Sports

The No Goal Sports Show can be heard on Fridays from 11 ET/8 PT till 1 ET/10 PT. Hosted by close buddy Brian “Sambone” Sanborn, this two-hour sports show is a must listen for any rampant sports junkie. Along with The Hockey Writer’s own Chris Wassel (formerly The Program), they’re joined by regulars Derek “D Flex” Felix, Dan “Da Man” Wheler, Rob “Kraze” Davis, Justin “JNF” Felix and John “JPG” Giagnorio.

Anything and everything is covered. You never know which direction the show will go in depending on the unique personalities/characters. With Brian out, I hosted for two hours last night and was joined by Chris and Dan. Among areas touched on were the Yankees, NHL lockout with a special touch and our NFL Week 2 picks.

To listen, here’s the show in its entirety:

No Goal Sports 9/15/12

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Hard Hits Airs Tonight

Tonight on Hard Hits, Derek hosts two shows. The first will be in our regular slot between 11:30 to midnight. Possible guests include Rob “Kraze” Davis, Brian Sanborn, Justin, John “JPG” Giagnorio, Chris Wassel and Dan Wheeler. The second will air late for our insomniacs from 1 to 1:30 Friday morning. Both shows should include overtime. Please check the show archive tomorrow.

Here is a show link:

Hard Hits Listen Live Tonight

Call In: 347-677-0684

Both shows will cover the following:

1.Panic in the Bronx- the Yankee lead has shrunk to three over the Rays and the Orioles keep winning.

2.Manic at Citi Field- the Mets latest second half collapse has turned a once special year into one of despair. What’s gone so wrong?

3.Steroid Gate- the continued sad tale of ballplayers getting caught red handed continues with ex-Yankee Bartolo Colon banned 50 games. Plus Melky Cabrera’s fake website further tarnishes his season. Will he even be in baseball?

4.Jets/NFL- our first look at preseason shows the Jets’ two QB system off to a horrid start. While Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow have yet to get in the end zone, Gang Green has a bigger problem at right tackle with Wayne Hunter. How much does preseason matter?

5.NHL Lockout- with Gary Bettman continuing his public assault on player salaries, it looks like another work stoppage will doom the start of the hockey season. Who’s ultimately responsible for the contracts being handed out?

6.Mr. Felix presents his case as to why the Lakers won’t make the NBA Finals.

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Hard Hits Returns

A few years ago, Hard Hits debuted over on Blog Talk Radio. Hosted by yours truly, it’s a sports oriented show that covers the hot topics. Ranging from baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis to even random stuff that’s happening in the world, we try to give everything fair game.

We have our usual cast of characters who take part in the festivities. The Progam’s own Chris Wassel, No Goal Sports host Brian Sanborn, show engineer Justin Felix, Kraze Mart’s Robert Davis, the self-proclaimed Stat Master John “JPG” Giagnorio, Dan “The Man” Wheeler and Mrs. SHARXGIRL Jenn Johnson. Everyone brings their unique perspective to the air. At times, it’s chaotic. But the frantic banter is what makes our show different. You never know what’s going to be said. So tune in weekly!

The next show airs next week at midnight (12 ET/9 PT) on Friday July 20. Or for our catered West coast audience, July 19. In Episode Two, the continued Penn State scandal was covered along with Dwight Howard, Alex Rodriguez, Rick Nash, the All-Star Game, Melky Cabrera and Zach Parise. To listen to the full 45 minute show, click on the link below:

Hard Hits 2

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Baseball Picks

On Day Three of what’s been called Opening Weekend by MLB.com, the Yankees look to go 2-0 with a battle between former ’03 Marlins A.J. Burnett and Brad Penny going off soon on Fox. Meanwhile, the Mets look to bounce back from a 6-2 Opening Day defeat to their Kryptonite the Marlins, who got a John Buck grand salami off losing Met Mike Pelfrey.

The Amazin’s hope to swing the lumber better than getting no-hit for six innings by Josh Johnson before familiar vet Willie Harris came to the rescue. They can at least take solace in Carlos Beltran doubling home their first run. On the mound will be second year southpaw Jonathon Niese taking on Ricky Nolasco.

Before we get to some baseball picks, already Kyle Drabek has had a great major league debut, going seven strong permitting only a run and a hit while walking three and fanning seven Twinkies to push the Blue Jays to 2-0. They are The Program’s own Chris Wassel’s surprise team. If you want to hear some fun back and forth stuff on the baseball, plus New York Ranger suicide watch, be sure to check out last night’s No Goal Sports Show courtesy of The Program. It was Wassel and host Brian Sanborn along with yours truly and Dan “The Man” Wheeler making our quirky predictions. Be sure to check out the replay! We’ll be on every Friday at 11 ET/8 PT. Catch us over at Blog Talk. Next week, an NFL Draft Preview featuring the one and only Rob “Kraze” Davis with perhaps an actual Jeff Bashlor sighting and possibly John “JPG” Giagniorio.

As for my baseball prognosis, I tried to be fair and objective. Ironically, we didn’t get to World Series picks. But I think I’ll get to that good stuff along with awards and where your team(s) will finish in 2011. Just remember. These aren’t etched in stone. So, don’t jump off the Verrazano just yet unless you’re a Mets fan. 😛

AL East


*2.Red Sox

3.Devil Rays

4.Blue Jays


AL Central


2.White Sox




AL West





NL East






NL Central







NL West








AL ROY-Kyle Drabek, Blue Jays

NL ROY-Brandon Belt, Giants

AL Cy Young-Jon Lester, Red Sox

NL Cy Young-Yovani Gallardo, Brewers

AL MVP-Robinson Cano, Yankees

NL MVP-Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies

Why the Yankees over Red Sox: Both possess superb lineups but each have questions surrounding their rotations. Boston packs a nice 1-2 punch of Lester and Clay Buckholz but after that it gets shaky with Josh Beckett, John Lackey and Dice K with the latter trio headed in the opposite direction. Unless that changes, the Sox could get into a lot of slugfests, taxing pen arms Daniel Bard, Bobby Jenks and fading closer Jonathan Papelbon. The Yanks have their own questions in A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia. Not exactly positive when Hughes averaged 89.1 on his heater in a 10-7 loss to the Tigers Sunday. However, the Bronx Bombers are better equipped in the pen with Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, Boone Logan, new setup Rafael Soriano and Hall Of Fame bound Mariano Rivera. Even if they get nothing from burnt out Pedro Feliciano who Brian Cashman blamed the Mets for him signing (simply amazing), they should be very strong from the seventh on with Soriano also able to spell Mo in save situations.

If the Rays get any hitting from Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez, they could spoil it with arguably the deepest rotation in the Junior Circuit, featuring Cy candidate David Price, James Shields, Wade Davis, Jeff Niemann and rookie Jeremy Hellickson. They need a monster year from Evan Longoria, who already is banged up, and B.J. Upton to fulfill potential.

Keep an eye on the White Sox, who with the addition of slugger Adam Dunn, could lead the majors in homers- boasting Paul Konerko, Carlos Quentin and Alexei Ramirez. Vet southpaw Mark Buehrle heads a rotation that features Edwin Jackson, John Danks, Gavin Floyd and former Met farmhand Phil Humber. They subtracted closer Jenks but Matt Thornton’s capable of filling the void while having solid setups Jesse Crain (Twins), Chris Sale and Tony Pena. They’ll push the Twins for the AL Central.

In the Senior Circuit, the Phils have the best rotation- featuring NL Cy Young Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton. The loss of Jayson Werth and no Chase Utley until probably the second half will impact the lineup. Closer Brad Lidge is on the DL, meaning Jose Contreras is finishing games with Ryan Madson setting up. Hardly reassuring. If the offense struggles, it wouldn’t be shocking if they get off slowly before the Dream Rotation carries them to a trademark strong second half with Utley back along with Lidge and rookie outfielder Domonic Brown. That means they could battle the Braves for the NL East with both the Marlins and Mets competitive.

The NL Central should be the Reds to lose with competition coming from the Brewers once Zach Greinke gets healthy. Don’t count out the Cards despite no Adam Wainwright. Albert Pujols will have a monster year playing for a new contract and the rotation’s still solid featuring Cris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia, Kyle Lohse and rookie Kyle McLellan. Just what is Jake Westbrook doing in it?

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