Breaking Even: A Lesson In Adolescence

Breaking Even is a local band here in Staten Island that’s been together for two and a half years. Fronted by originator L.J. Goity, they’re an alternative punk/pop rock band that’s beginning to gain popularity. The cohesive group are five strong with the energetic Goity joined by drummer Nick Cardona, rhythm and lead guitarist Vinny Holden, bassist Ronnie Grazioli and guitarist Kevin Ferger. Holden and Grazioli also double with strong supporting vocals.

After much hard work and dedication, the cohesive Staten Island act released their debut album A Lesson In Adolescence at an electric release show last Fall at the Full Cup in Stapleton. It consists of nine tracks featuring hit single “Hater, While You Were Sleeping We Were Changing The Game.” A fun yet in your face message to the haters that Breaking Even is here to stay, backed by loyal supporters who enjoy a refreshing blend of music not recycled on airwaves. “She Deserves It” has a similar feel to Blink 182 but with a bit more edge. Especially from Cardona, who plays a mean set of drums- meshing well with Holden’s soulful riffs, Grazioli’s bass and Ferger’s guitar combining with Goity’s powerful vocals for a unique sound.

There Were No Cute Girls At Summer Camp” starts with Holden’s kick ass opening riff and then Cardona’s electric drumming punctuated by Goity’s “Let’s Go!” It’s definitely a favorite in these circles due to the combination of punk and pop mixed in for an entertaining song that everyone can sing along to. It starts out slow, then picks up before going into a tempo leading into a resilient chorus. You can feel Grazioli’s bass, giving it that extra kick.

I Can’t Be Trusted” is a bit more emotional. It’s played differently, allowing it to stand out. You can watch Holden’s lead rhythm guitar of the song in the previous link. It’ll show you guitar lovers a bit of how to transition from powerful chords to edgier riffs.

Meet Me When You Get Here” is one of Holden’s favorites. It’s got a familiar theme about all the haters who try to put you down. In musical terms, there will always be downers who have nothing else better to do. It all adds up to an edgy three and a half minute track everyone can identify with.

Operation Stupid Is Officially Over” can also be found on Breaking Even’s Official Page on You Tube. The tale end almost sounds like an anthem in how Holden and Cardona lead into Goity’s enthusiastic vocals. “Everyday In January” starts out in a mellow tone but then explodes into a much heavier piece about a chick who only wants to be friends. Why do they tease you that way? Screw that!

Tracks four through nine can be exclusively purchased online for five bucks and are downloadable in MP3, 320, FLAC or any digital format. That includes “Your Own Demise” and “Consider This A Declaration Of War,” both of which Holden expertly plays- nfeaturing some strong riffs along with the band’s trademark edge that defines them.

You can check them out this Friday at The Canvas Clash Art/ Music Venue in Boontown, New Jersey. The show starts at 6 PM. Tickets can be purchased here for 12 dollars. It features six bands including Breaking Even, Metal Disorder, Splittree, Together We Fall, The Getaways and Rookie Of The Year.



L.J. Goity-lead vocalist

Nick Cardona-drums/percussion

Vincent Holden-lead rhythm guitar/backing vocals

Ronnie Grazioli-bass/backing vocals

Kevin Ferger-guitar


A Lesson In Adolescence

Released: October 19, 2012

1.”There Were No Cute Girls In Summer Camp”

2.”She Deserves It”

3.”Hater, While You Were Sleeping We Were Changing The Game”

4.”Your Own Demise”

5.”Consider This A Declaration Of War”

6.”I Can’t Be Trusted”

7.”Meet Me When You Get Here”

8.”Operation Stupid Is Officially Over”

9.”Everyday In January”

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