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NYHR Live Tonight at Midnight

Tonight at midnight, I’ll be hosting a special live NYHR show. Much will be covered as I recap the Red Wings run to a fourth Stanley Cup in 11 years. Plus discussion of tonight’s NHL Award recipients including the Devils’ Martin Brodeur, who took home a fourth Vezina. Congrats also to Alex Ovechkin on winning his first Hart.

Also to be discussed is Dominik Hasek’s retirement as well some coaching changes around the league.

So tune in if you can or better yet participate!


Call-in No: 646-716-7209

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Random Thought

It’s hard to put into words what’s wrong with the Mets. Even not being a fan of theirs, I can’t even believe how brutal some of their recent losses have been. That Billy Wagner blew a third consecutive save after Johan Santana had his best Met performance fanning 10 in seven frames is just unthinkable.

You would’ve thought the Amazin’s would get so much momentum from last night’s Carlos Beltran 13th inning walkoff. And for the first seven innings, you would’ve been proven correctly. Then Santana left having thown 116 pitches for the vaunted Met pen. Joe Smith gave half the lead back on an eighth inning Mark Reynolds two-run triple which some on WFAN felt Beltran misjudged. No matter.

Wagner entered looking to atone for another poor outing last night in which he served up a second straight three-run home run which forced extras before Beltran’s bat rescued the Queens club from a five-game skid. Once again, the lefty fireballer couldn’t finish the job allowing two runs to score including a Conor Jackson RBI fielder’s choice which extended the misery.

Unfortunately for Met supporters, this time their team wouldn’t be so lucky as the D-Backs escaped a bases loaded two out jam in the home ninth due to great defensive gems and then pushed across the winner on a Miguel Montero sac fly.

Arizona closer Brandon Lyon tossed a second straight scoreless inning inducing Chris Aguila into a game ending 5-4-3 double play to give the D-Backs the series and send the Amazin’s to a sixth defeat in seven back to three under.

Afterwards, a frustrated Wagner who never minces words harshly critiqued himself saying, “I suck right now.”

What a bad time for Billy The Kid to go into a funk.

So, can the Mets get it turned around? Who knows what to think anymore? They’ve become way too hard to predict and their inconsistencies continue to prove costly.

Are they really this mediocre? I still have a tough time buying that. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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A day in the life of a frantic BCS Mets fan at Park Slope

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Carlos Beltran connects for a walkoff two-run homer in the 13th to snap the Mets' five-game skid and restore a little order. 

It’s not often you get entertained by frantic Mets fans. But that’s precisely what happened down in Park Slope at the Berkeley Carroll Athletic Center last night.

So there I was recovering from a tough workout cooling off downstairs as BCS Rob came over into the office to see how his Mets were doing. This is one of the quintissential good guys of many quality people who work in a nice location keeping things under control during the school year, etc. The guy’s always around on the job making certain things are in order. He takes it very seriously as does the head of the place Catherine.

If I don’t know last names, sorry. At least I’m getting the first names right after all this time. I’ve only spent the past couple of years scoring the school’s basketball games. Usually, I’m pretty good with names as I have a dope ass memory. But it took some time to remember the hard working security guard who’s usually there in the afternoon to greet you. Sometimes, it happens to even the best of us. It’s like I would have a block thinking so and so was someone else. Isn’t that the most embarrassing thing when you completely mess up and the person looks at you like you’re lower than dirt? 😆

In any event, Rob has plenty of time to kill at nights as us people come and go from the gym or pool. When there’s nobody around, a decent amount is spent watching YouTube videos. Just yesterday, I showed him my first ever edition. It wasn’t much. Just one of my VG Shaolin homies P.J. rapping over a cool beat for nine seconds. Yeah. I just felt like adding one. I really need to upgrade so we can have some decent videos this summer. Oh. You bet your ass D Flex will be part of that shiznit!

So, who’s D Flex exactly? Well, ask my Stanford buddy John “JPG” Giagnorio and he’ll tell you that’s my tag name. See. I can freestyle for real. Amazingly, the name’s caught on. We even got my homies home calling me by it. Heck. Even Rob and pool instructor Frank refer to me by that code.

To be perfectly honest, I at first thought it was silly and kind of shied away from it. However, the more I rapped, the more JPG called me it. So I accepted it and realized it was pretty freaking cool. Now I’ve got players who finished highschool laughing their asses off at my renditions. They must be thinking wtf is this dude on? Sometimes, I don’t even know! 😉

Bottom line: I have fun. Cause if you don’t, life will pass you by in a blink. My advice to anyone of the younger generation is quite simple. Live while you can.

I really do enjoy messing around with lyrics. Just go check out my Xanga and you’ll see what I’m getting at. It’s fun to freestyle and crack people up. But I’m a much better writer than rapper.

So, Rob likes YouTube. Well, who doesn’t? I mean heck. There are a lot of crazy videos out there. Some which are a complete utter waste of time like the one I linked above cause there really wasn’t anything of substance. But you occasionally discover talented individuals such as SupaDupaFlyGirl. And yeah. The name fits because she’s really hot and entertaining. This chick I think lives somewhere out here if you can fathom that. She’s not just a face though but a very smart person who knows how to have fun and utilize all her skills. I happen to think this is one of Liz’ best. It’s like a Charlie Chaplin satire.

Aside from watching YouTube, Rob AKA Mr. Met because he’s got so many damn newspaper pics of his beloved Amazin’s loves to follow his favorite baseball team via the MLB official site. Let’s just say I was in for a treat as he and BCS maintenance worker Tony both rooted on their team hoping and praying that Mike Pelfrey would be allowed to complete his best start in his young career.

Here you had the young righthander pitching the lights out shutting down the D-Backs outpitching 11-game winner Brandon Webb. Even more surprising than the Mets 3-0 lead which all took place in the home fourth on a Carlos Beltran two-run single and RBI fielder’s choice was that Pelfrey had K’d eight leaving Rob and Tony ecstatic. Every time I spoke to Mr. Met, there was a look of concern on his face due to Pelfrey having tossed 109 or 110 pitches entering the ninth inning. Loose translation: He wanted no part of the Met bullpen even if it meant normally reliable closer Billy Wagner.

So of course once the leadoff hitter got on, Willie Randolph came and got Pelfrey which was the appropriate move because you have to do what you can to win the game. And the former first rounder had probably never tossed that many pitches. Everyone knows how much the Mets have been struggling having dropped five straight before last night including the pen giving up six of Arizona’s nine runs (eight unanswered) in a dreadful 9-5 loss at Shea sounding off even more alarms.

Here they were again three outs away this time with Billy The Kid in a save situation hoping to atone for that Tony Clark three-run bomb which helped the hapless Padres sweep four over the weekend in San Diego. As if to make their worst fears realized, a D-Back double had runners in scoring position with one out. As I sat there, all I could think was, ‘No way is he going to blow this. He’s one of the better closers in the game.’

But there were Rob and Tony panicked out of their minds waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is what I love about Met fans. Sadly, I can’t say I blame them much given their team’s recent track record. No need to remind anyone. Besides, I’m a Yankee guy. We’ll just leave it at that.

Wagner had gotten the second out but went 3-2 on Arizona slugging third baseman Mark Reynolds. When took long to tell us what had happened, we all were thinking the same thing wondering. Just before Reynolds at-bat, Rob predicted the doom and gloom of a tying three-run home run. I just sat there thinking it can’t happen. But this is how Met fans are trained to think. A minute later, there he was saying:

 “My God. They tied it.”

At that point, I just gave the dude a pat and got out of there. Who the heck wanted to see what would happen next? It was sort of comical in a sad way. The worst was realized. Even if the game was only tied and the Mets would eventually go on to win thanks to Beltran’s two out 13th inning two-run walkoff bomb on ironically enough a Reynolds error, here you had a couple of glaring examples of what’s wrong with the team in Queens. They each expected Wagner to give it up and Rob even reiterated that he called it.

Who would ever believe that this is what a team which many picked to win the NL and challenge for the World Series would do to their fans as we approach mid-June. It’s no longer early. Yes. The Mets gained a game on the Phillies, who had a rare second defeat in a row thanks to a Dan Uggla grand slam walkoff in Florida. They’re six and a half out with 98 to go two under .500 (31-33).

Hey. The Yanks are back at .500 (33-33) trailing the Red Sox by seven. Who would you rather be? At this juncture, both New York teams have been major disappointments playing inconsistent ball. However, only one kind of fan is flooding the WFAN airwaves in full panic mode even after their team showed some guts and pulled one out.

You guessed right.

That’s how you tell the different between the two New York baseball fans. I got a good appetizer which made for a fun entry.

Who would’ve thunk it?

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